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Eric D. Isaacs

Provost Eric D. Isaacs

For more than a century, the University of Chicago has upheld the values of outstanding scholarship, rigorous education, and boundless intellectual curiosity. As the University's chief academic officer, it is the Provost's responsibility to support and extend that mission, working in close collaboration with the faculty to sustain this community of scholars in our shared pursuit of knowledge and our fundamental commitment to intellectual inquiry.

The Provost is broadly responsible for the planning, implementation, and administration of the University's academic program – overseeing academic appointments, guiding our commitment to diversity, fostering collaboration across disciplines, and allocating financial resources in alignment with academic priorities, developing and maintaining the University's academic infrastructure, and supporting cultural and artistic endeavors. The Provost works in concert with the Deans and the senior leadership to develop and implement an academic vision for the University that strengthens its reputation for excellence in scholarship and education.

The University of Chicago's first Provost, Edward Levi, stated that this University "exists to increase the intellectual understanding and powers of mankind." Today, stewardship of that mission remains the highest duty of the Provost of the University of Chicago.

Eric D. Isaacs
Provost of the University
Robert A. Millikan Distinguished Service Professor
the Department of Physics, the James Franck Institute, and the College