Dear students, in response to your October 5, 2018 letter --
I am writing to follow up on a response you received from Brett Leibsker, Director of Employee and Labor Relations.
We welcome communication from all graduate students in response to their experience on our campus. Hearing from graduate students is essential to improving the conditions that contribute to your success on campus and beyond.
Graduate students are critical members of the University community, fundamental to our mission and eminence. That is why we have been undertaking important work through the recently formed Committee on Graduate Education, a collaboration between faculty and graduate students who are charged with assessing graduate education and the experience of graduate students.
As you know, the University of Chicago is firmly committed to the values of free expression and open discourse. To that end, I again encourage your individual participation in the efforts already underway to make important changes that will improve the lives, education, and professional development of graduate students in the immediate term and for years to come.
Daniel Diermeier
Graduate Education