To: Faculty, Other Academic Appointees, and Graduate Students
From: Ka Yee C. Lee, Provost
Subject: Instructional Planning for Autumn Quarter
Date: May 25, 2021
As the University plans for a full resumption of on-campus activities in the Autumn Quarter, I write to share information for instructors and teaching assistants.
Units and instructors should plan for all Autumn Quarter courses to be taught in-person if that is or has been the course’s normal mode of delivery prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. All instructors are expected to be present in Chicago to teach their courses on campus. The authority of Divisions and Schools to suspend the residency requirement for faculty, which was instituted in Academic Year 2020-2021 as a result of COVID-19, will no longer be in effect after the Summer Quarter. The Registrar’s Office will communicate with units this week regarding the Autumn Quarter course schedule, in preparation for the start of registration on August 2.
Safety and health remain paramount. As announced last week, students will be required to be vaccinated. The University continues to encourage academic appointees, staff, contractors, vendors, guests, and visitors to be vaccinated as well, and is exploring whether COVID-19 vaccines will be required for these groups.
It is recognized that there may be circumstances in which remote instruction will be required during Autumn Quarter. Local and federal guidelines for re-opening continue to evolve, and while we closely monitor them, we do not yet know the specific guidelines that will be in effect during Autumn Quarter. In the event these guidelines reduce our classroom capacities in a way that limits the size of courses that can be offered in person, exceptions will be made to allow remote instruction for those courses that cannot be accommodated, and the Registrar’s Office will work with units to make any necessary adjustments to course instruction mode, schedule, or classroom assignment. Further, remote classes or sections may be offered in particular programs for international students unable to arrive on campus at the beginning of or during Autumn Quarter owing to visa and travel restrictions. The Office of International Affairs is monitoring the situation with student visas and will continue to provide updates to units as they are available. Instructors are encouraged to use lessons learned from the past year of remote teaching to help enhance the educational experience for all students, particularly those who may need to take classes remotely for a period of time.
Thank you for your continued commitment to the University and all your work to foster the unique social and intellectual environment that is vital for the University to thrive. I look forward to working together to successfully transition back to campus in the fall.