To: UChicago Faculty and Other Academic Appointees
From: Jason Merchant, Vice Provost
Subject: PhD Program Data and Updates              
Date: June 24, 2019
As we continue working on the Committee on Graduate Education’s recommendations, I want to update you on an important step we are taking that addresses the report’s recommendation that the University expand its efforts to publish data on graduate programs and their outcomes. Such data is vital to helping students, faculty, and administrators make informed decisions regarding PhD education.
For the past year, UChicagoGRAD has been working with the divisions and schools to create summaries of admission, enrollment, degree completion, and career outcome data for the University’s PhD programs. These overviews are now posted on the Office of the Provost’s website, and we intend to update them annually. Departments and programs that do not already post this data are encouraged to link to the overview from their websites; transparency around this type of data is an important value, and many peer institutions make similar data available.
We have also created a webpage for the three working groups and committees we have established in response to the Committee on Graduate Education report: Housing and Transportation, Grievance Policies and Procedures, and Graduate Student Space. You can find the list of graduate student, faculty, and staff members of each committee and you can submit comments and suggestions for the groups to consider. Graduate student and faculty input has been critical to our progress so far, and I strongly encourage your continued feedback. I look forward to updating you on further progress in the fall.
Graduate Education