Quick Ref
To: Faculty, Students, and Staff
From: Eric D. Isaacs
Date: June 8, 2016
Re: Preliminary report on campus climate survey
The University of Chicago is committed to creating an intellectual community that is shaped by the diverse backgrounds of college and graduate students, faculty, academic appointees, postdocs, and staff. This spring we invited the campus to participate in a climate survey that seeks to capture perceptions about issues of diversity and inclusion on campus. The design of the survey was informed by several committees, 17 climate survey forums that took place across campus, and by comments sent directly to climate-survey-project@uchicago.edu.
The survey had a campus-wide response rate of 29%.  This rate exceeds the level of participation in campus wide climate surveys by many institutions, including the 2014 climate survey conducted by the University of California. There were several areas, such as tenure-track faculty, where more than 40% participated in the survey. A more detailed report of survey participation, along with a set of next steps, is available here.
A working group led by incoming Vice Provost Melissa Gilliam will guide analysis and study the survey data as they become available over the summer. That group will expand in the fall and develop an action plan with short- and long-term goals, benchmarks, and milestones. 
This work is essential to reinforcing the University’s core values and to sustaining an academic community that welcomes talented faculty, students, and staff of all backgrounds. I want to thank everyone who took the time to respond to the survey. I also want to thank the Steering Committee, chaired by Cathy Cohen, the David and Mary Winton Green Professor, Department of Political Science and the College; and the Survey Working Group, chaired by Micere Keels, Associate Professor of Comparative Human Development and the College, for work on the development, content, and deployment of the spring 2016 Climate Survey.