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To: Non Tenure Track Faculty

Dear Colleagues,

Today the National Labor Relations Board is mailing ballots for the election that will decide whether non-tenure-track academic appointees at the University will be represented by the Service Employees International Union. As an eligible voter in this election, you should receive the ballot through the mail in the next few days.

Please note that returning your ballot by mail is the only way for you to vote in this election. I have attached an image showing a sample envelope and the voting instructions that the envelope will contain so that you recognize it when it arrives.

For a ballot to count, it must be carefully completed in accordance with the detailed instructions, placing an "X" in the appropriate spot and making no other markings. The ballot must then be placed in the blue "OFFICIAL SECRET BALLOT" envelope and sealed. That sealed blue envelope must then be placed in the yellow, postage-paid envelope, which must be signed by you, mailed, and received by the NLRB by the close of business on December 8, 2015. The NLRB will count the ballots on December 9.

We encourage all eligible voters to participate in this election. The election outcome will be determined by the majority of those who vote, not the majority of those eligible to vote. If you do not vote, you will not be part of this important decision regarding your future.

For additional information, please feel free to contact the Provost's office directly. The contact for the National Labor Relations Board's regional office is: Jana Prokop, (312) 353-8613.

Matthew Christian
Associate Provost

edited on 18 April 2016 for accuracy