To support instructors of record Autumn Quarter, the University offers a program to assist with the costs of caring for dependents while those instructors are teaching class remotely or teaching in-person, in either case while the dependents are at the instructor’s home due to remote learning or otherwise as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. All instructors of record who are teaching as described above during Autumn Quarter may apply for a grant to defray reasonable and necessary out-of-pocket dependent care expenses incurred while they are teaching.  The dependent care expenses covered by a grant received under this program must not be paid for or reimbursed by any other source.
For purposes of this program, dependents are children or parents who are not self-sufficient and for whom the instructor is the primary care giver. Questions about the coverage of care expenses for others may be discussed with Ingrid Gould. These grants will be made through the payroll system but will not be treated as taxable income.
This grant program is available until the allocated funds are disbursed. The University has a limited pool of funds to support this grant program and will allocate funds in the first instance to instructors of record:
  • Who are single parents of a dependent who is not self-sufficient;
  • Who are the primary care giver of a parent who is not self-sufficient; and/or
  • Whose household income makes the costs associated with teaching class as described above during Autumn Quarter a hardship for their family.
Grant requests must be made by 30 November 2020. Reimbursement will be received as part of the next monthly payroll or as soon thereafter as practicable. To request a grant, please complete the Autumn Quarter Dependent Care Support Grant Program application and submit it to:
Janice Cobb
Office of the Provost