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Recruiting Academics to the University

President Zimmer has challenged the University to build a scholarly community comprising a mix of individuals who through their own diverse experiences, backgrounds, and viewpoints contribute to our intellectual culture. The related documents below describe both required and recommended steps for conducting successful searches and for using the Academic Career Opportunities Website.  Department chairs, department and school administrators, and search committee members should familiarize themselves with this information, which is intended both to help units attract large and diverse applicant pools for every open academic position at the University, and to allow the department, dean, and provost to monitor the search and evaluation processes that preceded a recommendation to make an academic appointment.

Attracting and recruiting outstanding academics, particularly from underrepresented groups, requires extra effort to develop the applicant pool for every open position. African American or Black, Hispanic or Latino, American Indian or Alaska Native are underrepresented group designations.  In many fields women constitute an underrepresented group. Additional effort in the humanities and social sciences may be required to recruit Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Other Pacific Islanders into applicant pools.

Fundamental Principle: The most effective way to identify top talent is to be continually on the lookout for excellent candidates regardless of a unit’s short-term hiring needs. At the junior level, graduate students and postdocs come onto the market each year, not just in years when we want to search for them. Conducting a successful search requires preparations that begin well before the start of the official search. (The Survey of Earned Doctorates tabulates PhD recipients by field, and is useful for estimating the size and composition of the national pool of people with academic training. Summaries of the Survey are provided by the Provost’s Office to the offices of all the deans.)