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For Full-Time Faculty Members

Parental leave is considered leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), a federal law permitting up to twelve weeks total of unpaid leave per year, for which one is eligible after at least twelve months of employment at the University.

For a full-time faculty member who is or will be the parent responsible for the majority of the child care, University policy supplements this federal requirement as follows:

  • In such instances, when the faculty member gives birth, adopts a child, or has a spouse or University-registered domestic or civil union partner who gives birth, the University allows, without regard to the start date of employment, the faculty member to have a one-quarter paid leave and to reduce the total annual teaching load by up to one course if that load is between three and five full courses per year or by up to two courses if that load is six or more full courses per year.

All leaves and course reductions must be taken within one year of the arrival of the child. A faculty member preferring to take a leave without course reduction, a course reduction without leave, or only one course reduction even if two are available may do so.

The faculty member should discuss his or her leave and course reduction plans with the section chief (if applicable), department chair, or dean a minimum of three months before the proposed leave or course reduction.

Where both parents are members of the faculty, each may have a quarter’s leave. If both parents have a teaching load of three or more full courses, each may request one course relief. Parents in the same department or school should plan the sequencing of their leaves and course reductions in consultation with the section chief, department chair, or dean.