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Education Assistance

An overview of tuition benefits available for dependent children of faculty and other academic appointees.

Educational Assistance Plan

The University offers a variety of tuition benefits for dependent children of faculty and other academic appointees. A thorough description of each tuition benefit plan is available in the Educational Assistance Plan Summary of Benefits document.

Laboratory Schools Tuition Supplement

The University offers tuition benefits for dependent children of faculty and other academic appointees attending the University of Chicago's Laboratory Schools. Key features of the tuition benefits can be found on the Laboratory School Tuition Supplement site. 

Diverse Learners Tuition Portability Benefit

The diverse learners tuition portability benefit (“diverse learners benefit”) is a tuition benefit available for eligible individuals whose child(ren) attend(s) one of two Hyde Park schools: City Elementary or Hyde Park Day School. Please see the documents below for answers to frequently asked questions and the application form. 

Visiting Academics and Laboratory School Tuition

Visiting appointees are ineligible for the "Educational Assistance Plan" discount on tuition for the Lab School, even if the Benefits Office has agreed to "override" their benefits status so that they may enroll in a medical insurance plan. Units may cover Lab School tuition from their own funds, by interdepartmental transfer. Even when the Benefits Office allows Visiting appointees to enroll in one of the benefits plans offered by the University, the cost of those plans must be borne by the individual and the unit, and may not be subsidized by the benefits pool.