The Office of the Provost leads a number of projects designed to improve the administrative services that support academic work at the University. We also consult on similar projects led by other offices to facilitate the involvement of faculty and staff in administrative changes that affect academic units.
Faculty Working Group on Administrative Service Improvements
The Office of the Provost convenes and supports the Faculty Working Group on Administrative Improvements, a body that reviews administrative rules, policies, processes, and practices as they relate to academic efforts, with the goal of streamlining and reducing administrative barriers to excellent teaching and research.
To submit a suggestion or concern for the Working Group’s attention, please use this form.
Academic Recruitment and Careers System (ARCS)
The Office of the Provost is implementing Interfolio's modern software platform to support recruitment, review, promotion, and recognition of our academic community.
Enterprise Resource Planning (Financial) System
Led by Finance & Administration, a multi-year initiative is underway to replace the University’s financial accounting system with a modern, integrated platform to improve financial workflows, reporting, and data-driven decision-making across campus.
Instructional Systems
The Office of the Registrar, the College, IT Services, and others are working to develop new resources for students and instructors, including a new course evaluation system and a curriculum planning tool.
UChicago Directory Upgrade
IT Services is working to replace the University’s online directory to make it faster and easier to find contact information and other basic information for members of the campus community.
Quarterly Updates on Administrative Modernization