To support ongoing improvement to administrative services and to provide a mechanism for receiving input and responding to faculty and staff concerns, Provost Diermeier established the Faculty Working Group on Administrative Service Improvements.
The Working Group reviews administrative rules, policies, processes, and practices that faculty consider to be onerous, outdated or otherwise interfering with academic efforts without clear need or benefit, and works with the administration to find ways to simplify, change, clarify or eliminate them. 
To submit an issue or concern for the Working Group's attention, please use this form. You can submit anonymously or provide contact information for follow-up questions and to be notified of the response to the issue.
To read about this group’s origins in the Shared Services project, visit the Working Group history page.
Current subgroup topics (click the links for more information):


Members of the full Faculty Working Group on Administrative Service Improvements are: 

Name Affiliation
Omri Ben-Shahar Law School
Dan Black Harris School of Public Policy
Liz Grove Committee on Neurobiology
Mark Hansen Political Science
Will Howell Harris School of Public Policy
Heinrich Jaeger Physics
Diane Lauderdale Public Health Sciences
Jeanne Marsh School of Social Service Administration
David Meltzer Medicine
Stuart Rowan Institute for Molecular Engineering
Theo van den Hout Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Melina Hale Office of the Provost
Cassandra Martynow, Staff Office of the Provost