For faculty and other academic appointees considering educational options for their children, the University offers dedicated resources to help members of our community navigate the educational ecosystem and determine the best school options for their families. The Chicago Public Schools network is the third largest school district in the country, and more than 600 public, private, and faith-based schools across the city serve children from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade.
Whether you have questions about charter or magnet schools, are interested in schools with gifted programs or special options for diverse learners, or want to learn more about how to utilize employee benefits, the University can assist you. 

University Affiliated Schools

Founded by the renowned educator John Dewey in 1896 and located in Hyde Park, the Laboratory Schools provide an intellectually stimulating environment that promotes curiosity, inquiry, creativity and complex problem-solving. The Lab Schools are home to the University’s youngest learners, from preschool through high school.
UChicago Charter School
Serving approximately 1,600 students on Chicago’s South Side, the UChicago Charter School provides a “superhighway” to college, training students to be critical thinkers and leaders. UChicago Charter School has four campuses: North Kenwood/Oakland and Donoghue serve pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Carter G. Woodson serves eighth grade. The combined middle and high school campuses serve sixth through twelfth grade.

N-12 Employee Benefits

Faculty and other academic appointees may receive tuition remission for the Lab Schools.
Diverse Learners Tuition Portability Benefit
The Diverse Learners Tuition Portability Benefit (“diverse learners benefit”) is a taxable tuition benefit available for eligible employees whose child(ren) attend(s) one of three schools: City Elementary, Hyde Park Day School, or Wolcott College Prep.

N-12 Contact

For all N-12 Benefit or School Choice Questions, please reach out to Associate Provost Dillan Siegler at