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The purpose of creating the Office of Sustainability Advisory Council (OSAC) is to help bridge these gaps by facilitating collaboration, communication and providing the cross-boundary strategic direction and leadership that will make environmental sustainability work at the University more coherent with broader and deeper impact.

The Committee is tasked with:

  • Giving strategic advice about how best to connect and integrate ongoing work among groups across the Administration / Campus, Research, and Education arenas
  • Serving as an advisory board for the Office of Sustainability and, in particular, help provide the Office of Sustainability with a stronger link into Education and Research
  • Providing guidance on overarching strategic topics, such as the University’s long-term sustainable vision
  • Steering and overseeing high profile environmental sustainability initiatives, such as Campus as a Laboratory and the University’s sustainable communications plan


  • Michael Greenstone, Professor, Economics and Director, Energy Policy Institute at Chicago
  • Alicia Berg, Assistant Vice President, Campus Planning + Sustainability
  • Michael Hayes, Assistant Vice President for Student Life
  • Elisabeth Moyer, Associate Professor, Geophysical Sciences
  • M. Cristina Negri, Agronomist and Environmental Engineer, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Sara Popenhagen, Sustainability Specialist
  • Sumit Ray, Director of Engineering and Utilities 
  • Mark Templeton, Associate Clinical Professor, Law School and Director, the Abrams Environmental Law Clinic

ex officio

  • Michael Hopkins, Vice Provost for Strategic Planning


Please direct inquiries to Michael Hopkins.