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The University of Chicago is a community of thinkers and engaged citizens, where ideas reign, innovation is the rule, and discovery is daily fare.

We are diverse in our backgrounds and origins; we are like-minded in our approach to problem-solving: We fearlessly explore the possibilities, examine ideas from multiple perspectives, accept nothing less than the best answer, and know that tomorrow’s solution may be better yet.

This is a community that will engage you, stimulate you, challenge you, and become a way of life. Our intellectually rich culture invites dialogue and encourages involvement, both on campus and in the neighborhood.

The University offers unlimited opportunities to be educated, involved, and entertained, from professional theater to noontime concerts, from lectures by Nobel laureates to cutting-edge art exhibits, from community radio to ice skating on the Midway.

The University is without boundaries, blending into the city both physically and intellectually, contributing to an environment where work and life are comfortably integrated, particularly for individuals and families who live on the Mid–South Side. Most people who come to the University of Chicago for academics or employment develop an affinity with the University that lasts a lifetime.

Life at the University of Chicago has much to offer everyone who is part of this community. The support services we provide are intended to make your transition to life here as seamless as possible, help you take advantage of all the University has to offer, and allow you to live a rich and balanced life.



Stopping the Clock 

The Office of the Provost provides an opportunity for all tenure-track faculty members to stop the tenure review process for a year when they become parents through childbirth or adoption. This policy applies to both men and women and includes same-sex, registered domestic, or civil union partners.

Child Care

In order to help faculty members and other scholars balance their family and work commitments, the Office of the Provost provides access to high-quality services, resources, and policies, including the Dependent Care Professional Travel Grant Program and the UChicago Child Development Center. 

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