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Academic Career

The University’s singular intellectual community is defined by its faculty members and other academic appointees. The Office of the Provost collaborates with deans and department chairs to support and strengthen that community, identifying and recruiting the world’s boldest thinkers and most innovative researchers, cultivating an academic environment that advances their scholarly work, and providing the resources they need to fulfill their research and ambitions.


Academic Recruitment and Careers System (ARCS)

The University utilizes Interfolio's modern software platform to support the recruitment, review, promotion, and recognition of its academic community.


Emeriti Faculty

The Office of the Provost, in collaboration with an Emeriti Faculty Steering Committee, works to develop new resources and engagement opportunities for current and future emeriti, and to address issues impacting the emeriti community.


Faculty Awards and Honors

The University recognizes distinguished faculty members for their outstanding achievements, exemplary teaching, and diversity leadership through several prestigious annual awards. 


Faculty Development Program
By providing opportunities for growth and continued career development, the Office of the Provost supports and recognizes faculty members and other academic appointees at every stage of their careers.


Neubauer Family Assistant Professors
Through this innovative program, the Office of the Provost attracts some of the nation’s most outstanding junior faculty members to the University of Chicago and provides them with research support that will further foster their scholarly careers. 


Resources for Work-Life Integration
The support services provided through the Office of the Provost help faculty members and other academic appointees take advantage of all that the University offers, enabling them to live a rich and fulfilling life.


University Professors
In collaboration with deans and department chairs, the Office of the Provost works to recruit the world’s most renowned leaders in their fields, continuing to grow and diversify the University’s scholarly community by adding professors who have extraordinary potential for further impact.