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Teaching and Research
University of Chicago faculty members and other academics rank among the world’s most creative thinkers and problem solvers, conducting groundbreaking research and preparing the next generation of scholars. The Office of the Provost works together with deans and department chairs to uphold the particular intellectual environment that allows faculty members to do their best work and to ensure the quality of academic life.
The Office of the Provost provides support services aimed at helping faculty take advantage of all that the University has to offer. The Provost’s staff members work closely with deans and department chairs, and with faculty members directly, to identify issues and ideas for new projects and initiatives, as well as working to improve systems and to communicate about existing programs and policies.  
The Office of the Provost works closely with the Office of the University Registrar to ensure the effective utilization of classrooms. In support of these efforts, and in response to increased demand from the College and graduate programs, Canonical Hours Policy 2017 has been introduced.  This policy expands the canonical periods and establishes a set of scheduling principles that are intended to enable a more even distribution across all the canonical periods, days of week, and classrooms. The policy also recognizes the importance of regularly scheduled workshops and seminars. For the policy and background information visit the Office of the University Registrar website.
The Office of the Provost supports researchers and students who are creating understanding about the world’s resource consumption, its effects on the environment, and ways of responding effectively. At the same time, the University is working to use its research and community of experts to evaluate its own resource use and understand options for reducing it.
The Office of the Provost recognizes the University’s distinguished faculty members for their outstanding achievements, exemplary teaching, and diversity leadership through several prestigious annual awards. 
The Office of the Provost convenes and supports the Faculty Working Group on Administrative Improvements, a body that reviews administrative rules, policies, processes, and practices as they relate to academic efforts, with the goal of pursuing University teaching and research more effectively. 
The Office of the Provost works to enhance and expand international collaboration by identifying opportunities for collaboration between our international partners and faculty members who share research interests, including through our Centers in Beijing, Delhi, Hong Kong, and Paris.
The Office of the Provost manages the University’s memorandums of understanding (MOU) with universities and institutions throughout the world, enabling University faculty members to learn and contribute to research through contact with international colleagues. 
The University of Chicago’s Policy on Religious Accommodation for Missed Classes, Assignments, and Exams requires accommodations for students who must miss class, assignments, or exams in observance of religious holidays. 
This policy provides guidance for all University faculty, staff, and students to help ensure research is designed, conducted, and reported in accordance with all applicable laws and good research practices.   
The Office of the Provost maintains a space inventory and provides support for facility planning.
By providing support for teaching and professional development for faculty members, other academic appointees, and graduate students, the Office of the Provost strives to enhance student learning across the campus.