To: Faculty, Other Academic Appointees, and Staff
From: Melina Hale, Vice Provost, and Mark Weber, Chief of Staff and Executive Director for Strategic Initiatives for Finance and Administration
Subject: Administrative Modernization Update
Date: May 17, 2021
We write to share an update on work to enhance the University’s administrative systems, processes, and services. Below you will find new resources and tools as well as opportunities to provide input and help shape these efforts.
We welcome your feedback on these projects or other administrative improvements. Please email us with your comments or questions: and
Financial Systems Transformation (FST)
The FST program is nearing another major milestone with the selection of a systems integrator partner to assist the University in implementing the Oracle Cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform. The program team has worked with representatives from across the University to analyze and evaluate proposals submitted by several leading consulting firms. The systems integration partner should be selected by the end of Spring Quarter.
In parallel, activities are occurring in several other key finance and IT areas:
  • Chart of Accounts (COA): The COA is the financial coding that will be established to support reporting for the University. A new ERP enables the University to rethink how it organizes accounts across the University and within units to improve reporting and analysis. The FST team is working with representatives from schools, divisions, administrative offices, and UChicago Medicine to design a proposed new COA. The proposed COA will be confirmed across the campus starting in June.

  • Data conversion: The data conversion process determines how existing financial information will be reformatted into the new ERP for future use. In the coming months, the FST team will work with units across campus to identify historical data that must be brought into the new system and determine preparations required to be ready for the conversions that will occur in 2022-2023.

  • Integrations: While Oracle Cloud ERP will replace many systems, some systems will remain and must be integrated into the new structure to support operations. To aid in the migration to the new system, the FST team will be reaching out to the owners of systems to be integrated in order to document the needed connections, processes, and data flows between the systems.

  • Reporting: A goal of the new financial system is to enable rapid, data-driven decision-making based on accurate and timely financial information. The FST team gathered representative reporting requirements in 2020 to support ERP software selection. Now that the software has been selected, the team will share Oracle reporting capabilities with schools, divisions, and departments to confirm that needs are met and to document gaps that must be addressed. Gaps will be resolved during the project with new reports or queries, or by leveraging other system capabilities that align with the new processes.

The next set of virtual FST forums will include more information on program progress and include time for your input and to address your questions. Please use the links below to register [expired links removed]. You can submit questions or feedback to
  • Tuesday, May 25: 12:00 p.m.

  • Wednesday, May 26: 12:30 p.m. 

  • Wednesday, June 2: 3:00 p.m.

University Intranet
The UChicago Intranet, a central online platform aimed at improving communications and efficiency for academics and staff across UChicago, was recently launched for all staff, following a pilot this winter. Input and learnings from the all-staff launch have been used to continue to refine the intranet before rolling out a tailored version of it to faculty and other academic appointees later this month. Developed with input from faculty and staff, the intranet streamlines access to administrative information and resources. It also features better search capabilities, including improved “find a person,” a directory of University tools and applications with the ability to save the ones you use most to your personalized “toolbox,” and pages for each school and division. The intranet will be updated daily and continually improved, so users are encouraged to visit regularly. The project team welcomes feedback through this form.
People Profile
With the upcoming launch of the UChicago Intranet to all academics and staff, now is a great time for you to review and update your profile in the online directory. These profiles are the source of information for the “find a person” section on the UChicago Intranet and for the online directory. To edit your profile, simply visit the UChicago directory website, sign in, and click on your name. More directions are available on the site. For questions or concerns, please email
This summer the University will launch a new online tool for all outbound shipments (letters, documents, and small parcels) called eShipGlobal. This resource, which includes domestic, international, hazardous, and export control shipping, will ensure users receive the best discounted pricing available from FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS. From eShipGlobal’s site, users will be able to select their preferred carrier and service, print air bills and return labels from their computer, and track packages in transit. The solution will also enhance shipping compliance as well as automate billing, audit, and invoicing processes. Units will be alerted when this service goes live. Please direct any questions to
Policy and Administration