To: Members of the Campus Community
From: Daniel Diermeier, Provost
Re: Climate Survey Findings on Religion and Update on Diversity and Inclusion
Date: April 7, 2017
Today, I write to share a new report summarizing results relating to religious identity from the 2016 Campus Climate Survey. This report is an important next step in our commitment to foster a climate of diversity and inclusion at the University of Chicago.
To examine these findings more closely, the report will be discussed in small groups as well as larger conversations open to the campus community. The dates for these conversations can be found here. Our campus also has rich resources on religion and spirituality through the Spiritual Life Office and The Martin Marty Center at the Divinity School.
The report on religion is one source of data that will inform a campus-wide strategy on diversity and inclusion. In November of 2016, we reported the initial results of the 2016 Climate Survey, providing data on experiences of bias and harassment as they relate to race-ethnicity, sexual orientation, sexual identity, and ability status. In January, the Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) made recommendations to increase diversity and create a more inclusive campus.
In response to the Climate Survey findings and DAC report, the University of Chicago will develop a comprehensive action plan for diversity and inclusion which will be discussed in detail with the University community later in the Spring Quarter.
Diversity and Inclusion