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From: Michele A. Rasmussen, Dean of Students in the University
To: Graduate Students, Faculty and Academic Appointees
Subject: New Website Resources on Unionization
Date: September 26, 2017
We recognize that many graduate students and faculty members have questions about the proposal for the American Federation of Teachers and the American Association of University Professors to represent about 2,200 graduate students on our campus. Many of you are new to our community and are just being introduced to this issue, and others may still be unsure what union representation could mean for you or for students you know.
To help members of our community evaluate how graduate student unionization could affect our University, we have compiled information and resources in a new website that can be found at knowthefacts.uchicago.edu.
The website includes the University’s positions as well as links to information from Graduate Students United, official transcripts from the NLRB hearing, perspectives from graduate students and faculty members, and links to other organizations— including the Graduate Council and a student-led organization called Stop and Think.
Providing graduate education is central to the University of Chicago’s mission. Reasonable people can disagree about the issue of graduate student unionization, and it is vital to have a well-informed debate. We hope this new resource will be valuable as you study how a union could affect graduate education at UChicago.