To: Faculty, Other Academic Appointees, and Students
From: Ka Yee C. Lee, Provost
Subject: Results of the Autumn Quarter Surveys
Date: December 22, 2020
I am pleased to share the results of the Autumn Quarter surveys of faculty, other academic appointees, and students that were completed in October and November. Thank you to all of you who took the time to provide your feedback, and to the Committee of the Council of the Faculty and Student Government for their consultation in developing and administering the online surveys.
The surveys were designed to assess the experiences of instructors and students as they relate to the many activities of the University that have been affected by the pandemic. The results indicate that most respondents were satisfied with teaching effectiveness and student engagement, but they were dissatisfied with the opportunities to interact with students and colleagues outside of classes. The findings reinforce the importance of continuing to maintain our social and intellectual communities and providing safe settings for in-person interaction beyond the classroom. This feedback will help inform planning for the rest of the academic year.
A summary of the survey results is available on the Office of the Provost website.
This has been a challenging time, and it is rewarding to see how our community has come together to uphold safety and health while advancing our mission of academic and research excellence.
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Graduate Education