To: Faculty and Other Academic Appointees
From: Katherine Baicker, Provost, and Juan de Pablo, Executive Vice President for Science, Innovation, National Laboratories, and Global Initiatives
Subject: Science, Partnerships, and Research Collaborations (SPARC) Program
Date: May 16, 2023
We are pleased to announce the launch of the Science, Partnerships, and Research Collaborations (SPARC) program, a new initiative for faculty and scientists at the University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory, and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. This cohort-based training, coaching, networking, and experiential learning program will help emerging research leaders build dynamic partnerships and collaborations that are necessary to address global challenges.
SPARC is designed for rising researchers with exceptional leadership potential who want to broaden their networks by forging partnerships with industry, government, other academic institutions, and non-profit organizations, both domestically and internationally. The program has several distinctive benefits, including:
  • Focus on building large-scale external partnerships through effective communication, partnership management, and industry engagement.

  • Personalized coaching from executive leaders at the Harry L. Davis Center for Leadership at the Booth School of Business and members of the SPARC Advisory Council to guide the development of a partnership strategy roadmap.

  • Engagement opportunities with University and Lab leadership, along with a unique cohort of scientists from UChicago and the National Labs.

  • Efficient masterclass format, maximizing impact with a focused time commitment (three days spread over three months).

The inaugural program is offered at no cost to participants. Launching in September 2023, the first cohort will complete the program in December 2023. Additional information about candidate qualifications, program format and dates, and the application process is available on the SPARC website. Applications for the fall cohort will be accepted until June 2, 2023, from UChicago applicants and must be submitted via InfoReady. For more information, email
SPARC is a collaborative effort among the Office of Science, Innovation, National Laboratories, and Global Initiatives; the Office of the Provost; the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation; and the Booth School of Business. It is supported by the University’s Joint Task Force Initiative, which is dedicated to helping Argonne and Fermilab open channels of frequent communication and collaboration across institutions. SPARC also reflects our commitment to being an engaged University. We hope you consider applying to the program or nominating a colleague.
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