To: The University of Chicago Faculty
From: Daniel Diermeier, Provost, and Eric D. Isaacs, Executive Vice President for Research, Innovation and National Laboratories
Subject: UChicago Consortium for Advanced Science and Engineering
Date: April 2, 2018
We are pleased to announce the launch of the UChicago Consortium for Advanced Science and Engineering (CASE), a new organization that will facilitate the expansion of research collaborations between faculty at UChicago and scientists and scholars at other institutions, including our affiliated and national laboratories. UChicago CASE will foster a broad range of research in areas including biological, computational, physical and social sciences, engineering and public policy.
The University will grant affiliation through UChicago CASE to approved researchers from Argonne National Laboratory and the Marine Biological Laboratory. UChicago CASE membership will expand to include approved researchers from Fermilab by July 1, 2018, and potentially other institutions in the future. UChicago CASE is a vital channel through which the University promotes the advancement of our scientific work and encourages collaborative research among members of our University faculty and our national and affiliated laboratories.
By granting University affiliation to researchers and scholars at partner institutions, UChicago CASE facilitates joint research projects, access to facilities, and engagement with students and postdocs. It will increase our research and education community while supporting our faculty and other scholars in their pursuit of field-defining knowledge.