In April 2019, the Committee on Graduate Education released its report with detailed recommendations on how to strengthen PhD education at the University of Chicago. Certain recommendations called for further evaluation and the Provost has established committees and working groups to analyze specific issues and make recommendations to University leadership.
The University community, especially graduate students, are encouraged to use the forms on each committee or working group page to offer comments and suggestions.
Graduate Course Evaluation Committee
This Committee is charged with considering the use of a standard graduate course evaluation, reviewing the college survey and current graduate departmental surveys to propose a path forward for graduate level evaluations able to take advantage of a new software application being used in the college
Grievance Policies and Procedures
This Committee is charged with examining the current grievance policies in each division and school at UChicago and making recommendations about establishing a University-wide grievance policy and appeal process.

Retired Committees

Housing and Transportation
This Committee was charged with conducting a thorough assessment of the current housing and transportation landscape near the University of Chicago campus as it affects graduate students.
Graduate Student Space
This Working Group was charged with conducting a programming study to create a shared vision of a dedicated graduate student space and determine a suitable on-campus location and configuration.