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Graduate education is integral to the University of Chicago’s purpose and has been since its founding. The goal of the University, as President William Rainey Harper explained, was “to make the work of investigation primary.” This commitment to rigorous inquiry has guided the development of graduate programs that train scholars to engage in field-defining research and are integral to the University’s eminence.
Under the mentorship of faculty across the University, our graduate students pursue research that challenges conventional wisdom and addresses local and global issues. The Office of the Provost collaborates with students, deans, and faculty to ensure our distinctive programs provide the transformative education and experiences that will prepare students for careers in academia, industry, nonprofits, and government. 
UChicagoGRAD offers an integrated suite of resources and services that complement those housed in the academic divisions and professional schools to help graduate students and postdoctoral researchers navigate their academic and professional careers. Advising, events, and trainings through UChicagoGRAD facilitate success for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers while at UChicago and beyond. UChicagoGRAD is a hub for community building, networking, and improving the graduate student experience. The Graduate Student Lounge offers multi-use spaces for individual study, small group collaboration, and socializing for graduate students across the University, and the Family Resource Center provides programming, services, and a play space for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to gather with their young children.
Evaluation Policy
A standardized anonymous feedback form is available for students to provide feedback about their experiences in graduate courses. Course Feedback Reports are available to view on the University Registrar’s website under Course Feedback.
Graduate Education Working Groups and Committees
In response to the Report of the Committee on Graduate Education, the Provost charged several groups composed of graduate students, faculty, and staff to conduct further analysis and make recommendations in the areas of housing and transportation, grievance policies and procedures, and graduate student space. The committee also identified graduate student mentoring, graduate student feedback, and student payment issues as areas for improvement, and ongoing progress has been made in those areas, including an online database of graduate course feedback, graduate student mentoring resources, and gradhelp@uchicago.edu as a point of contact for any students with questions about student payments.
PhD Program Data
The University provides data about admissions, enrollment, degree completion, and career outcomes for PhD programs.
Recent Graduate Education Improvements Since 2018
This timeline highlights improvements to graduate student education at the University since 2018.
Graduate Student Unionization
The University is fundamentally committed to supporting our graduate students. We constantly seek opportunities to improve and enhance graduate education and regularly engage with graduate students and other key stakeholders to obtain feedback. This webpage provides information and considerations about graduate education and unionization. We encourage all graduate students to learn more about unionization and consider how it will affect them and their programs, now and in the future.