The University’s continued excellence depends on the quality of our faculty.
All faculty at the University of Chicago must have a distinguished record in research, teaching, and training (including the supervision of graduate students), contribution to the intellectual community, and service when being considered for promotion, according to the Shils Report, produced in July 1970 by the Committee on the Criteria of Academic Appointment appointed by University President Edward H. Levi. Every appointment, reappointment, and promotion must be solidly grounded in actual accomplishment which, when coupled with evidence of future promise, gives rise to a strong likelihood that the candidate will bring continued and increasing distinction to the University over the entire course of the candidate’s academic career here. These principles guide University departments, divisions, and schools in evaluating faculty for promotion and/or tenure.
Guidelines on Faculty Appointment, Reappointment, & Promotion Cases
These guidelines apply to appointments to the University Faculties, that is, individuals who are or will be appointed under University Statute 11.1, which includes tenure-track faculty members.
Guidelines on Senior Instructional Professor Appointment, Reappointment, and Promotion Cases
These guidelines apply to academic appointments within the Senior Instructional Professor track under statute
Department Chair Handbook
Department chairs collaborate with deans to maintain and enhance the highest standards of scholarly excellence and set intellectual, academic, and curricular priorities within their departments 
Faculty Awards and Recognition
The University's distinguished faculty members often are recognized for their outstanding achievements and contributions to society. The Office of the Provost partners with deans and department chairs to identify and nominate faculty for national and international awards, fellowships, and limited opportunities. 
Faculty Development Program
The Faculty Development Program provides the University’s scholars with information, workshops, and events to further their academic career. 
New Faculty Directory 
Every year the University welcomes more than 100 new faculty members engaged in field-defining research to build on the tradition of rigorous inquiry and analysis that defines our intellectual community.
Stopping the Clock
The Office of the Provost provides an opportunity for all tenure-track faculty members to stop the tenure review process for a year when they become parents through childbirth or adoption. This policy applies to both women and men and includes same-sex, registered domestic, or civil union partners.
University Professors
A very select group of professors have been selected for internationally recognized eminence in their fields as well as for their potential for high impact across the University.