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The Provost’s Office at the University of Chicago is charged with academic planning on behalf of the institution and its constituents. Space and budget concerns, as related to Strategic Initiatives and faculty space, are central to this charge. It is through integrated space planning that campus space, the largest capital investment an academic institution makes, advances the academic and research mission of the University. By providing faculty the space they need to conduct their research and instruct their students, the University commits itself to productive and responsible growth.

Michael Hopkins, Vice Provost and Blair Archambeau, Associate Provost for Planning lead this charge through the evaluation and allocation of space on campus while also planning for long term space and capital support needs. They work closely with the University’s leadership team to support the formulation and assessment of ideas for new facilities as well as the renovation of existing buildings for more efficient distribution and use. The Provost’s Office also closely monitors space utilization across campus and partners with Facilities Services to maintain accurate building and (class)room inventories of space in and around campus.

For questions regarding space allocations for Strategic Initiatives, please contact Michael Hopkins. For questions regarding academic space allocation, renovation, planning, functional improvements, and the capital support planning thereof, please reach out to Blair Archambeau.