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Charter school student

A student at the University of Chicago Charter School (Woodlawn Campus), part of the Urban Education Institute


Ideas for new projects and initiatives often come from the faculty, either directly or indirectly. The listing below describes some of the more recent efforts, which, over time, become integrated into the routine fabric of our campus.

Child Care

Parents who work or study here need access to a range of resources for their young children.  The University of Chicago addresses some of these needs with specially tailored services, resources, and policies. We welcome comments about what is successful or not, and what other needs might be addressed.

Please direct inquiries to Ingrid Gould.
Phone: 773.702.8846

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The Office of Deputy Provost for Research and Minority Issues was established in response to a recommendation by the Provost's Initiative on Minority Issues (PIMI) 2003-04 Annual Report. The Office monitors and improves the University's approaches to recruiting and retaining minority faculty, students, and to a lesser extent, staff. It also coordinates and promotes research, teaching, and programming initiatives that address diversity and ameliorate inequality on campus and in the broader community.

Diversity Leadership Awards

The Leadership Alliance

Provost's Career Enhancement Postdoctoral Scholarship

Diversity & Inclusion

Statement on Diversity

Please direct inquiries to William A. McDade.
Phone: 773.834.3861

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Dual Career Office

A significant factor in the University’s success in recruiting and retaining faculty is securing meaningful employment for their partners. Dual Career Office offers assistance to faculty partners seeking employment inside and outside academia. That assistance may include helping to prepare for the job search, developing local networks, and identifying positions of interest.

This service is intended primarily for faculty members who have worked at the University for fewer than two years. The University is also a founding sponsor of the Greater Chicago Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (GC HERC), a web-based compendium of jobs in area colleges and universities, medical centers, and research and cultural institutions.

Greater Chicago Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (GC HERC)

Dual Career Office

Please direct inquiries to Phyllis Brust.
Phone: 773-834-5440

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International Travel Resources and Guidance

Since its beginnings, the University of Chicago's dedication to the discovery of new knowledge and openness to diversity and other cultures have drawn our scholars to all corners of the globe. In order to facilitate the research, education, cultural enrichment, and good works that take place on such trips organized and led by faculty, other academics, staff, and student groups, the University of Chicago has assembled a set of resources and guidelines for international trip and internship organizers and for the student participants on those trips.

Much of the information is equally useful to anyone traveling abroad, and some of it is even valuable to those traveling within the United States. We welcome your questions about trip-specific or country-specific matters and your suggestions for improving this information.

International Travel Resources


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Online Learning

In many ways, online learning extends the University of Chicago's long-standing commitment to free and open inquiry.  Building on existing online offerings from the Graham School and the Oriental Institute and in accord with the 2013 recommendations of the Provost's Committees on Online Learning, UChicago began inviting instructors to experiment, on a voluntary basis, with online venues that could provide additional reach for their teaching and research.  A new Provost Oversight Committee on Online Learning has been formed to consider instructors' proposals for online courses and to advise on the success of this initiative.  Our website highlights uses of online technologies in the classroom, and provides information for those who wish to explore using these technologies.  We welcome your comments and questions regarding UChicago's online courses and how best to use online technology in the classroom. (Online Learning Resources)

Please direct inquiries to Matthew Christian.
Phone:  773.702.9266

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Unlawful Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy

In Spring Quarter 2014, a faculty-student-staff committee integrated the Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment Policy with the Sexual Assault Policy, creating a new, unified policy. This consolidated policy went into effect on 1 July 2014. In addition, the committee suggested that a successor committee be constituted to review thoroughly and recommend revisions to the Unlawful Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy and consider a set of substantive questions beyond the scope and timeframe of the original committee.

The new committee was asked to examine whether to:

  1. Establish a time limit for bringing forward a complaint of alleged unlawful harassment or discrimination or sexual misconduct (currently there is no "statute of limitations");
  2. Prohibit expressly consensual relations between academic appointees and undergraduates;
  3. Recommend mandatory educational programming or training for the campus community, including academic appointees;
  4. Affirm more clearly the University's commitment to policy compliance;
  5. Revise the rules on confidentiality in view of legal guidance stating that complainants (and, implicitly, respondents) must not be limited in their ability to share the outcome of disciplinary proceedings in sexual misconduct cases;
  6. Adjust the definition of sexual assault to reflect the definition supplied by the federal government via the Clery Act rather than continue to rely on the State of Illinois' Criminal Code definition;
  7. Modify the definitions of key terms, including whether electronic and other communications are adequately encompassed in the "verbal and physical" characterizations of the current policy; and
  8. Update the policy in light of recent guidance from the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) about Title IX and related materials issued by the White House.

The full list of committee members is as follows:

  • Jessica Kandel, Mary Campau Ryerson Professor of Surgery, Section Chief of Pediatric Surgery, and Committee Chair
  • Kerwin Charles, Deputy Dean of the Harris School and Edwin and Betty L. Bergman Distinguished Service Professor
  • Wendy Doniger, Mircea Eliade Distinguished Service Professor in the Divinity School and the College
  • David Huang, student in the College
  • Jason Merchant, Deputy Dean for Languages and Instruction, Chair of Slavic Languages and Literatures, and Professor of Linguistics and the College
  • Jake Rubenstein, Director of Employee and Labor Relations
  • Kristen Schilt, Associate Professor of Sociology and the College
  • Katharine Sidelnik, graduate student in the School of Social Service Administration
  • Belinda Cortez Vazquez, Associate Dean of Students in the University

The committee also includes Ingrid Gould, Associate Provost for Faculty and Student Affairs; Beth Niestat, Director of Programs and Planning in the Office of Graduate Student Affairs; and Theodore Stamatakos, Senior Associate General Counsel

Please direct inquiries to Ingrid Gould or Beth Niestat
Phone: 773.702.8846 or 773.702.9018
Email: or

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 Urban Education Institute (UEI)

The Urban Education Institute advances an ambitious national agenda to create knowledge to produce reliably excellent schooling for children growing up in urban America.  Working at the meaningful intersections of research and practice, UEI conducts rigorous applied research, trains teachers and leaders, operates a multi-campus PreK - 12 charter school, and develops empirically based tools to drive school improvement.  No other institution in the country brings together all these domains of work under one roof. UEI's models and tools are designed for scale and are emulated nationwide.

Urban Education Institute:

Please direct inquiries to Seong-Ah Cho
Phone: 773.834.8684

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Veterans Outreach

Since 2009, with the University's participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program, we have been actively involved in efforts to engage and attract veterans to work and study here.  We continue to explore ways to recognize the contributions of veterans at the University of Chicago, foster a welcoming environment, and, as an affirmative action employer, encourage talented veterans to apply for positions for which their skills and experience are a good match.

The 2012 Veterans Day Recognition program featured an exhibit of stories collected from participating veterans at the University of Chicago.  Special Collection at the Regenstein Library will archive the exhibit, and veterans at the University are invited to continue contributing their stories.

2012 Veterans Day Program and Exhibit Catalog

Campus & Student Life Veterans Resources List

Please direct inquiries to Aneesah Ali:
Phone: 773.702.5671

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Women’s Leadership Council

The Office of the Provost is dedicated to ensuring an institutional environment that values and sustains the scholarly achievement of women faculty and students. The Women’s Leadership Council offers critical support to these efforts by advising the Provost on policies and programs for attracting and retaining the finest women scholars university-wide. Council members are also a critical link to leadership in the academic units, working with deans to enhance the climate for all faculty members.

Women's Leadership Council
Women's Web Site
Report on the Status of Academic Women at the University of Chicago

Please direct inquiries to Mary J. Harvey.
Phone: 773.702.8806

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Work-Life Integration

Recruiting, retaining, and cultivating the finest faculty and staff increasingly requires institutional recognition of the demands and challenges that arise in the personal lives of all University employees. To that end the Provost’s Office announces new and strengthened measures in support of work-life integration. These measures will ensure we have in place policies, practices, and programs to enhance the productivity and job satisfaction of all personnel.

Announcement of Work-Life Integration Initiative

Resources for Work-Life Integration

Women's Web Site

Please direct inquiries to Mary J. Harvey.
Phone: 773.702.8806

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