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Diverse Learners Tuition Portability Benefit
The Diverse Learners Tuition Portability Benefit (“diverse learners benefit”) is a taxable tuition benefit available to eligible employees who have children enrolled at City Elementary, Hyde Park Day School, or Wolcott College Prep (each, a “Covered School”). The benefit amount is equal to the amount of tuition remission you would have received if your child(ren) attended the Laboratory Schools (not to exceed the tuition rate at the child’s Covered School). In addition to being employed in an eligible position, to be eligible for the diverse learners benefit your primary residence must be located in one of the following nine mid-South Side neighborhoods: Douglas, Grand Boulevard, Greater Grand Crossing, Hyde Park, Kenwood, Oakland, South Shore, Washington Park, and Woodlawn. Please find the diverse learners benefit application and frequently asked questions here:
University Laboratory Schools Benefit (tuition remission benefit)
The University pays at least 50% of the tuition at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools for the dependent child(ren) of employees in eligible positions. An enhanced tuition assistance benefit is available to provide additional tuition assistance above the existing 50% remission level. A sibling discount is available for families who have more than one dependent child at Lab. For tuition, tuition remission, billing, and payment information, visit the Laboratory Schools website.
Visiting appointees may be ineligible for certain benefits outlined in the Educational Assistance Plan. Please reach out to with any questions regarding benefit eligibility.