Participation in outside professional or commercial activities makes important direct and indirect contributions to the strength and vitality of the University and adds to the knowledge and understanding that is relevant and useful to teaching and research. It is essential, however, to have policies in place to guard against the dangers of inappropriate or excessive outside participation and the appearance of conflicts of interest related to institutional responsibilities.
On July 1st, 2023, a new Conflict of Commitment (COC) Policy went into effect. This separate, more streamlined COC policy provides greater clarity on COC issues for academic appointees and emphasizes COC management at the academic unit-level. This policy complements the separate Conflict of Interest (COI) Policy.
These policies serve to protect the interests of "Covered Persons" through advancing a very positive goal: defense of the integrity and objectivity of the research and scholarship carried out at the University. Both policies are available in full in the attachments below.